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Where speakers have given permission, their presentations are available to view. To view the presentations please click on the links below.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1 - Systems for Prevention
New Challenges in Prevention of Chronic Diseases
Keynote Speaker: Professor Andrew Wilson, Director, The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre

Forget ribbons - go for gold
Keynote Speaker: Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AC, Chair, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, and Chair, National Doctors' Mental Health Program
We can do more, and we must
Keynote Speaker: The Hon Julia Gillard AC, Chair, beyondblue

Plenary Session 2 – Joined up approaches for prevention, what needs to connect?

Pathways, highways and detours: opportunities to connect the dots

Keynote Speaker: Dr Lisa Studdert A/g, Deputy Secretary, Health, Department of Health

Plenary Session 3 – Advocacy: How and what should we be advocating for to strengthen prevention?

Supra National Corporations, Profits and Pandemics
Keynote Speaker: Professor Rob Moodie, AM, Professor of Public Health, University of Melbourne
Public Intellectuals and Citizen Scientists: New Opportunities for Promoting Engagement in Public Health
Keynote Speaker: Professor Penny Hawe, Professor of Public Health, Menzies Centre for Health Policy and the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre, University of Sydney
Changing the world of health- obstacles and opportunities
Keynote Speaker: Professor Mike Daube AO, Professor of Health Policy, Curtin University


Closing Plenary – Douglas Gordon Oration

Law and prevention: an odd couple, or a marriage made in heaven?
Orator: Professor Roger Magnusson, Professor of Health Law & Governance, Sydney Law School, The University of Sydney

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session 1

1A - Nutrition Policy

Strengthening Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nutrition policy: Lessons for health advocacy

Speaker: Jennifer Browne

Healthy Diets ASAP (Australian Standardised Affordability and Pricing) approach- implementation and insights

Speaker: Amanda Lee

Mapping the influence of the Australian food market

Speaker: Ainslie Sartori

Healthy food environments: nudging consumers to healthier choices

Speaker: Kia Noble

Receptiveness to sugary drink policy interventions in an Australian national survey

Speaker: Caroline Miller

Defining 'healthy': Alignment between Australia's Dietary Guidelines and Health Star Rating System

Speaker: Alexandra Jones

Intervention implications of older adults' nutrition decision making

Speaker: Simone Pettigrew

1B - Knowledge Translation

Collaborating to promote oral health in a community mental health setting

Speaker: Roisin McGrath

Australia: The only developed country with endemic trachoma- We can do more

Speaker: Melissa Stoneham

Lessons from the ‘protectionist’ discourses toward HPV vaccination and HPV testing.

Speaker: Margaret Heffernan

Minding the Gap: A Blueprint to Virtually Eliminate HIV Transmission in Australia

Speaker: Heath Paynter

Cracks in the Ice: Disseminating evidence-based information about crystal methamphetamine in Australia

Speaker: Hannah Deen

Drinking water in public places: A survey of 17 local government areas

Speaker: George Thomson

Sustaining Obesity Prevention in Communities: a systematic narrative synthesis review

Speaker: Jill Whelan

1C - Community Engagement

The Regional Comprehensive Partnership trade agreement and risks to access to medicines

Speaker: Belinda Townsend

Population prevalence of drinkers’ beliefs about long-term harms associated with alcohol

Speaker: Kimberley Dunstone

Recent and long-term trends in Australians’ skin cancer prevention attitudes and behaviours

Speaker: Veronica Collins

Views of mental health clients towards changing risk behaviours and preventive care

Speaker: Caitlin Fehily

Harnessing community support for junk food marketing policy

Speaker: Wendy Watson

Perspectives of community-dwelling older adults regarding social isolation and its protective factors

Speaker: Chantelle Giles

Dose-response relationship between attendance and children’s outcomes in family-based weight management program 

Speaker: Santosh Khanal

1D - Remote and Rural Communities

Community Participation:  Closing the Gap in Indigenous Health Promotion

Speaker: Priscilla Boucher

Dental caries in young, urban, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

Speaker: Kaley Butten

Epidemiology and prevention of skin cancer in rural Australia

Speaker: Scott Kitchener

Can Whānau Ora deliver on prevention of long-term conditions?  

Speaker: Heather Gifford

Impact of oral health on urban, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families 

Speaker: Kaley Butten

Smoke-free opportunities: understanding factors associated with non-smoking among urban NSW Aboriginal adolescents

Speaker: Christina Heris

The WA Indigenous Storybook – How We Do It Better

Speaker: Melissa Stoneham

Concurrent Session 2

2A - Women’s Health

Awareness and confidence with the Health Star Rating system among pregnant women

Speaker: Linda Elbayeh

Optimising preconception health in Australian women 

Speaker: Adina Lang

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy – opportunities to reduce women’s cardiovascular disease risk

Speaker: Angela Hehir

Prevalence of pregnancy intention and  maternal obesity: cross- sectional analysis

Speaker: Kate Cheney

Process evaluation of recruiting pregnant women to trials - facilitators and challenges

Speaker: Mahalakshmi Ekambareshwar

Ethnicity, Obesity, and Prevalence of IGT/T2DM in PCOS-A Meta-analysis and Meta-regression

Speaker: Nadira Sultana Kakoly

The Causes and Consequences of Burn Violence against Women in Bangladesh - WITHDRAWN
Speaker: Golam Dostogir Harun

2B - Frameworks and Systems

Assessing the impact of the Australian Burden of Disease Study 

Speaker: Miriam Lum On

Using access and equity frameworks to enhance use of needs assessment data

Speaker: Elizabeth Harris

Infrastructure as a determinant of health equity: towards a policy logic model 

Speaker: Ashley Schram

Developing an Australian framework for describing, assessing and strengthening prevention systems

Speaker: Lori Baugh Littlejohns

Together stronger: exploring boundary work as part of a systems-based prevention intervention

Speaker: Veronique Roussy

Extending logic diagrams to capture and simplify complexity within the intervention system.

Speaker: Helen Jordan

2C - Community Engagement

'The Science of Health and Wellbeing': Promoting health among university students 

Speaker: Elly Howse

Are Complex Public Health Strategies Complex Enough for Rural Australian Communities?

Speaker: Debra Jones

An integrated community-wide approach to promote family health and wellbeing.

Speaker: Alan Ralph

Feasibility and acceptability  of promoting  Get Healthy Service into Chinese speaking community

Speaker: Huilan Xu

Cultural adaption of the Go4Fun program for Aboriginal families 

Speaker: Christine Innes-hughes

Applying complex systems evaluation in community and peer-led interventions: The W3 Project

Speaker: Graham Brown

Nanny or canny? Community perceptions of government intervention for preventive health

Speaker: Anne Grunseit

2D - Childhood Obesity

NSW Healthy Children Initiative: Reducing childhood obesity prevalence through coordinated state-wide action

Speaker: Christine Innes-hughes

Using dynamic simulation modelling to guide action on childhood overweight and obesity

Speaker: Vincy Li

Lessons from a whole-of-community systems approach to address childhood obesity in Victoria.

Speaker: Ebony Jenkins

Challenging 'pipeline' translational models: quilting evidence in the largest-ever Australian childhood-obesity-prevention program 

Speaker: Kathleen Conte

Supporting cooks in early childhood services to provide healthy meals

Speaker: Anthea Leslie

Making healthy food desirable to children; a theoretical model

Speaker: Suzie Waddingham

Concurrent Session 3

3A - Gender and Health

Applying a gender lens to health promotion and prevention of chronic disease

Speaker: Mischa Barr

Addressing LGBTI Mental Health and Suicide through national strategic action

Speaker: Sally Morris

Risk factors for breast cancer – translating the evidence into knowledge

Speaker: Debra Hector

Invisible Populations: LGBTIQ in public health policy 

Speaker: Holley Skene

Coaching to support informed choices about prostate cancer screening: A qualitative study

Speaker: Taletha Rizio

Factors associated with initiation of testosterone replacement therapy among men aged 45+

Speaker: Yan Cheng

Urinary leakage: prevalence and associated factors among women aged 45+

Speaker: Kristine Concepcion

3B - Systems Innovations

Strengthening prevention in Indigenous eye care

Speaker: Philip Roberts

Connecting2u (C2u) Text Messaging Intervention - Connecting baby, family and community

Speaker: Alanna Philipson

How electronic monitoring of program implementation becomes embedded in health promotion practice

Speaker: Eileen Goldberg

Systems thinking in action: Strengthening the prevention system in communities

Speaker: Liza Hopkins

Collaboration Across Sectors: Moving from Adhoc to Systematic 

Speaker: Deborah Wildgoose

System Dynamics modelling to develop smoking reduction strategies in Queensland

Speaker: Rebecca Whitehead 

Developing Australia's Oral Health Tracker 

Speaker: Lynne Millar

3C - Program Evaluation

Heart Health: the first step to getting Australia's health on track

Speaker: Ben Harris

An implementation evaluation of the Australasian Peers for Progress Diabetes Program

Speaker: Zahra Aziz

A breath of fresh air. Leading the way in the smokefree journey.

Speaker: Emma Dean

Economic evaluation of the Victorian sugary drink public education mass media campaign

Speaker: Nikki McCaffrey

Exercise to Prevent Falls in Older Adults is Effective and Cost-Effective

Speaker: Cathie Sherrington

Using a systematic approach to scaling up an efficacious physical activity intervention

Speaker: Tom McKenzie

A pragmatic approach to evaluating complex programs in the real-world

Speaker: Mel Crane

3D - Health Promotion

Unhealthy sponsorship in sport: a case study of the AFL

Speaker: Ainslie Sartori

This Girl Can Victoria. Creating demand and supply to get women active.

Speaker: Melanie Fineberg

A hole in one - promoting sun protection in golf settings

Speaker: Clare Knight

Potential health benefits from population changes in overweight/ obesity and physical inactivity 

Speaker: Melanie Dunford

Implementation and Translation of a Group-based Lifestyle Intervention for Diabetes Prevention

Speaker: Zahra Aziz

Go4Fun Online – Reaching rural and remote communities   

Speaker: Leah Choi

Harnessing elite sport sponsorship to promote healthy eating by young adults

Speaker: Helen Dixon

Concurrent Session 4

4A - Rapid Fire – Prevention Strategies

Engaging our consumers in food and drink redesign

Speaker: Annabelle Stack

Local people have solutions to local food challenges

Speaker: Clare Schultz

National policies for the early prevention of childhood obesity: mapping six countries

Speaker: Emma Esdaile

10 years of Life! - the evolution of a diabetes prevention program

Speaker: Madelaine Griffith

Trends and Characteristics of Short-term Re-presentations to a Regional Emergency Department 

Speaker: Madison Millhouse

Engaging health professionals in health promotion for refugee and CALD communities

Speaker: Sarah Gelbart

Systems thinking in TB elimination through integrated care for LTBI in Australia

Speaker: Madhumati Chatterji

Aquatic Facilities and Cryptosporidium: Exploring the bigger picture using participatory systems modelling

Speaker: Danielle Currie

Development of the Fiji national strategy for leptospirosis - a systems approach - WITHDRAWN
Speaker: Simon Reid

Preventing Disaster in the Pacific Islands: The Battle Against Climate Change 

Speaker: Lea Merone

'Natural' disasters - there's no such thing

Speaker: Ingrid Johnston

4B - Rapid Fire - Modelling and Practice

How older people use the internet- implications for prevention programs

Speaker: Kate Purcell

Prevention in residential aged care: Learnings from the vitamin D implementation study 

Speaker: Pippy Walker

Yoga promotes quality of life and mental well-being in people aged 60+

Speaker: Anne Tiedemann

Understanding Practice Contexts: How ethnographic evidence informs program implementation in Health Promotion
Speaker: Victoria Loblay

'This goes with that':  a pragmatic application of social determinants to interventions - WITHDRAWN
Speaker: Lisa Wood

Using Simulation Modeling to inform Alcohol Harm reduction strategies in Tasmania

Speaker: Jacqueline Davison

Hospital admissions due to medication misadventures; a six-year study 

Speaker: Pippa Burns

Awareness and use of telephone behaviour change services among mental health clients

Speaker: Caitlin Fehily

One-million injections at the Uniting Medically Supervised Injecting Centre: reflections and repercussions

Speaker: Carolyn Day

On-line approaches to prevent falls in older age– a NSW case study 

Speaker: Kate Purcell

Google What? Public Health Innovation: Supporting Start Ups, Entrepreneurs and Organizational Change-makers - WITHDRAWN
Speaker: Katelyn Winkworth

4C - Prevention Strategies

Improving evaluation effectiveness: the potential for gains in the Australian prevention system. 

Speaker: Joanna Schwarzman

Translating an evidence-based obesity prevention program into existing home-visiting services: Healthy Beginnings 

Speaker: Sarah Taki

Driving and supporting healthy food environments -- challenging current practice.

Speaker: Elizabeth Munn

Obesity prevention in the early childhood setting: Engaging family day care

Speaker: Lara Hernandez

Childhood obesity prevention – a whole-of-community systems approach using collective impact framework

Speaker: Kristy Bolton

Co-creating wellness in communities – how we’re Doing It Differently

Speaker: Brydie Foran

Where does Prevention fit in Mental Health Stepped Care reform?

Speaker: Mark Broxton

4D - Table Top Presentations – Engaging Community

HPV Vaccination, “Informing Community”, Empowerment and Prevention: Increasing coverage for hard-to-reach populations

Speaker: Margaret Heffernan

Partnering with community for prevention and better health: Five linked tabletop presentations

Speaker: Jacqueline Allen

Concurrent Session 5

5A - Capacity Building

Building Systems Capacity in the Australian Prevention Workforce 

Speaker: Seanna Davidson

Family-centred oral health promotion through maternal and child health services

Speaker: Adina Lang

Enhancing efforts to increase water consumption through engagement in system dynamics modelling

Speaker: Andrew Brown

Corporate influence on science - a typology 

Speaker: Tess Legg

Including Health in Land-Use Planning Systems: navigating people, ideas, processes and politics - WITHDRAWN
Speaker: Patrick Harris

Building public health capacity through organisational change in the sport system

Speaker: Amy Carrad

“Whose job is it to lead health promotion?” A systems thinking perspective 

Speaker: Lori Baugh Littlejohns

5B - Policy

Challenges for governments to introduce effective prevention policies

Speaker: Madeleine Day

Progress in alcohol policy? 40 years on from the Baume Report

Speaker: Michael Thorn

Can drinking cultures change? Translating the VicHealth Alcohol Cultures Framework into action 

Speaker: Genevieve Hargrave

Strategies for implementing the Infant Feeding Guidelines in child care: Policy translation  

Speaker: Julianne McGuire

‘Buying salad is more expensive than McDonald’s’: Young adults talk food policy

Speaker: Elly Howse

PHC for prevention and health promotion? Current issues in policy implementation 

Speaker: Matt Fisher

Australia's Health Tracker by Socio-Economic Status

Speaker: Ben Harris

5C - Advocacy

Process Evaluation of an Advocacy Trial on Corporate Actions to Reduce Salt

Speaker: Helen Trevena

How improving health became an agenda setting force for paid parental leave 

Speaker: Belinda Townsend

Strengths and limitations of a new international classification of public health interventions

Speaker: Nicola Fortune

Counting Dead Women: Public Health Advocacy Addressing Femicide in Australia
Speaker: Elizabeth Sullivan

Building the resilience and social connection of young people

Speaker: Kristen Moeller-saxone

Working in partnership: insights from leading reproductive health organisations 

Speaker: Rebecca Zosel

How health services view their role in the prevention of obesity

Speaker: Claire Pearce

5D - Table Top Presentations – Strengthening Systems

Strengthening systems and collaborations for chronic disease prevention in Indigenous communities

Speaker: Nikki Percival

Using Systems Thinking to Build the Case for Prevention - WITHDRAWN
Speaker: Jacqueline Davison

Queensland Child and Youth Clinical Network – influencing systems through collaboration

Speaker: Kate Weller

Healthy Allies: A Systems-Thinking Approach to Adolescent Engagement in School-Based Health Promotion

Speaker: Joshua Hayward

Strengthening systems and bridging prevention silos: the National Cancer Control Indicators (NCCI) 

Speaker: Alan Woods

Funding for the SDGs: new global taxes a part of the solution

Speaker: Louise Delany

Concurrent Session 6

6A - Mental Health and Wellbeing

Older women living alone: supporting wellbeing using health and social care services

Speaker: Angela Joe

Australia’s abject policy failure on mental health and wellbeing

Speaker: Matt Fisher

Building resilience in children aged 0-12 

Speaker: Rebecca Wright

Walk to School – Learnings from a decade-long active travel program

Speaker: Melanie Fineberg

Could a UK-style cycle-to-work scheme get Australians to move more, sit less?

Speaker: Rohan Greenland

Addressing gender inequality in sports clubs: Quick Wins Checklist behavioural insights trial

Speaker: Jessica Hateley-Browne

Five Ways to Wellbeing in Nature: an SA mental health literacy campaign

Speaker: Bethany Keough

6B - Perceptions and Attitudes

Just what do kids see while they are waiting for the bus?

Speaker: Melinda Edmunds

The effect of digital marketing of unhealthy commodities: a Systematic Review

Speaker: Limin Buchanan

Adult drinking, does the presence of children in the home matter?

Speaker: Jacqueline Bowden

Mother’s awareness of their weight status and concern for their child’s weight

Speaker: Suzanne Gleeson

Consumer response to healthy food and drink choices in NSW hospitals

Speaker: Beatrice Tang

Normalising vegetable consumption in schools

Speaker: Simone Pettigrew

The devil is in the details: implementing Healthy Beginnings translational research

Speaker: Wendy Smith

6C - Systems Improvement

Supporting Aboriginal Health Services is key to prevention: A literature review

Speaker: Sara Deroy

Improving marginalised young people’s health literacy includes health system navigation

Speaker: Fiona Robards

COACHING IN GENERAL PRACTICE using the Health Care Home & Wagner Model - WITHDRAWN
Speaker: Kim Poyner

Teaching Systems Thinking for Public Health 

Speaker: Michelle Morgan

Embedding a healthy lifestyle clinician in a mental health service: an RCT

Speaker: Caitlin Fehily

Improving health professional knowledge and behaviour about fall prevention: RCT results

Speaker: Anne Tiedemann

Healthy End of Life Program (HELP): Public health approaches to end-of-life care

Speaker: Andrea Grindrod

6D - Nutrition

The attitudes, beliefs and behaviours associated with sugary drink consumption in Australia

Speaker: Jo Dono

Promoting or enforcing health? Perceptions and attitudes about regulating sugary drinks

Speaker: Elly Howse

Healthy drink choices in sport: making the healthy choice the easy choice

Speaker: Melissa Deutscher

It's time to unpack the salt in Victoria

Speaker: Jenny Reimers

Assessment of food company nutrition policies in Australia

Speaker: Gary Sacks

A Tool to Audit Food Outlets against Healthy Food and Drink Practices

Speaker: Beatrice Tang

Implementation of a Healthy Food and Drink Framework in NSW Health Facilities

Speaker: Shane Landon

Photos used of Sydney on the Public Health Prevention Conference 2018 website are courtesy of Destination NSW.